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All the time wood flooring offers beauty, warmth and increase the property value. Today many people investing in their homes, wood flooring become a priority. Most of the houses with wood floors selling faster and for higher prices. We are able to install, sand and refinish a variety of wood floors like: styles, colors and species. Maintenance for wood floors is very easy using adequate proper cleaner for all types of wood flooring and finish. Having wood floors in your house you protect the investment for life.

Flooring Services: Installation • Refinishing • Staining • Bleaching • Repairing
Installation Floor installation requires skill, experience, thought and planning It may seem simple, but many times it is the most complicated part of renovation. Height differences, humidity conditions, foundation work, an d leveling issues are only some of the problems which a floor installer may encounter. Refinishing Every hard wood floor needs to be refinished at some point in time. The more traffic it endures, the more the finish wears off, thus requiring a refinishing job. Floor refinishing requires knowledge and experience in order to be done right. Staining Staining is done in order to change the color of a hard wood floor. Stain is a special material, which is absorbed into the wood, but does not cover the grain and natural wood pattern.


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