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Owner, Chris Topor is proud to serve you with years of experience in hardwood floor installations, sanding and repairs.  The years spent working as an apprentice for one of the most successful hardwood floor sanders in Chicago area provided Chris with an excellent flooring foundation. His desire was to utilize his prior experience in the hardwood flooring business to create a company tailored to meet the needs of his customers. This concept, centered on professionalism and quality customer care, is not a trademark of Top Hardwood Flooring, Inc. Here at Top Hardwood Flooring, Inc. we believe your wood floors should always look as good as new, giving you a lifetime of value and beauty. When you first look at a floor done by us. you sense quality in the work we do that will last, as well as the richness, warmth and natural beauty that you will see!



All the time wood flooring offers beauty, warmth and increase the property value. Today many people investing in their homes, wood flooring become a priority. Most of the houses with wood floors selling faster and for higher prices. We are able to install, sand and refinish a variety of wood floors like: styles, colors and species. Maintenance for wood floors is very easy using adequate proper cleaner for all types of wood flooring and finish. Having wood floors in your house you protect the investment for life.

Hardwood Floor

Floor installation requires skill, experience, thought and planning It may seem simple, but many times it is the most complicated part of renovation. Height differences, humidity conditions, foundation work, an d leveling issues are only some of the problems which a floor installer may encounter.

Hardwood Floor

Every hard wood floor needs to be refinished at some point in time. The more traffic it endures, the more the finish wears off, thus requiring a refinishing job. Floor refinishing requires knowledge and experience in order to be done right.


Staining is done in order to change the color of a hard wood floor. Stain is a special material, which is absorbed into the wood, but does not cover the grain and natural wood pattern

Hardwood Floor

Take care of your floor, we will help you to fix the wood and remove discoloration.

Hardwood Floor

Our Design


Unfinished hardwood refers to the manner in which you purchase the product, which is of course - unfinished. This is the way that the originally wood floors were done. The rough wood is bought and nailed down to the sub floor, which is then sanded, sealed, stained and then finished. The hardwood is available in MANY different sizes and thicknesses. The widths range anywhere from 1½ to anything above. We usually recommend that you remain within 2 ¼”- 3¼ (remember the movement due to moisture?). Unfinished hardwood is very much in use today.

Pre finished Hardwood

The pre-finished hardwood comes in strips that are already sanded, stained and covered with several coats of polyurethane that are applied in the factory. A great variety of species, grades, colors, finishes and strip widths are offered. Quick and easy to install, without the dust and odors associated with unfinished hardwood. Right now, most of the industry is gearing towards the pre finished. With the new Aluminum-Oxide finishes, and the controls that the factories have, you will never be able to match.


Designed to protect wood floors while providing a rich, attractive appearance oil modified urethane offers you the best traditional oil based coatings. Dries in about eight hours, can be used over stain, sealer or alone for a natural look. When cost is a key factor in residential projects, consider oil modified urethane. Available in gloss, sami-gloss and satin sheens. Easy to maintain.


Environment friendly are easy to apply, low odor, dissipates quickly – 90% cured in jest 24 hours. Non flammable VOC compliant and cleans up easily with water, safe for people nearby rooms and offices – need not be vacated, can be used in all areas, ideal for kitchens entry ways and living rooms. UV additive protects floor from sun light related color changes. Available in gloss, sami-gloss and Satin sheens. Very high customer satisfaction.


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Managing Moisture on the Job Site

One of the biggest headaches for a wood flooring professional is dealing with customer complaints. If we are like many contractors, many of the complaints we get have to do with moisture-related problems, like cracks between boards, cupping or crowning. We can go a long way in preventing the complaints, however, if we take the proper precautions in installation and educate the customer about what to expect.

To begin, it's important to understand the basics of how wood interacts with moisture. Wood is hygroscopic, meaning that it gains and loses moisture as the relative humidity and temperature of the air around it changes. Depending on humidity, wood will reach equilibrium moisture content (EMC). As the EMC of the wood flooring decreases, the wood shrinks; as the EMC increases, wood expands.

|Wood Flooring Expansion and Contraction
|Preventing Moisture Problems
|Water Craft
|Pell-Mell Plank

You can read the whole book here about how to treat floors simply clicking on the link below.

Hardwood Floor

Dura Seal Stains

Air Vents

Stain Color

Some of the most popular specieas and types of wood used


Hardwood medallions and borders are pre-assembled "works of art" made up of a variety of carefully cut pieces of wood. Each one incorporates different colors, grain, wood species and shapes. Floor inlays can be used in any open area where a design statement is called for.


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Is important that our customers be able to reach us. Don't hesitate to call us now and discuss your requirments with one of our helpful staff. We will contact you to arrange a visit of Top Hardwood Flooring Representative so we can review your needs.